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Find newly created, low-authority websites ranking for your target keywords with our enhanced Chrome extension. 

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Keyword Zebra highlights new SEO competitors, link building prospects, potential clients and Parasite pages from top 100 results for the keywords you search.
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Use Keyword Zebra to find new websites just like yours to steal their traffic.
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New websites can sell you guest posts or niche edits for dirt cheap prices.
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Find Potential Digital Marketing Clients 

Find New Businesses that went live on Google and pitch them your services
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Use Keyword Zebra To Analyze Keyword Difficulty

Many SEO tools often overlook the importance of a site’s age when it comes to ranking for a keyword.

Instead they give you keyword difficulty scores that are often inaccurate and not the best indicator of whether you can rank for a keyword.

With a small or new website you should be ideally competing with similar sites rather than big authority websites. 

That is exactly where our tools comes in. With KeywordZebra you can easily understand the SERPs by looking at how many new domains are able to rank for a particular keyword. 

Keyword Zebra Shows Website Age On SERPs Directly

Instantly find out the age of the websites ranking for a keyword.

Use the age filter to see only websites of a certain age.

Collect the List of New Competitors with One-Click

Use the List to understand keyword difficulty, find keyword gap (steal keywords), guest posting (new sites tend to sell posts at a lower price), offer services, and a lot more.   

Keyword Finder - SERP Box

Use Keyword Zebra To Find Link Building Oppurtunities

You can use the list collected using Keyword Zebra for Link building. 

Since they are not an established authority (yet), they will not be charging a lot of money for guest posts or niche edits. 

If you are on a tight budget, buy links on sites that are in the new (but good) rather than buying links on big authority websites. This way you can end up saving lots of money. 

To do this, simply set an age filter (2 or 3 years) on KeywordZebra and start searching for your target keywords. For every search result Keyword Zebra will show you the sites that matches your filter. Keep on collecting the sites and once you have a decent list ready, start a simple outreach campaign. 

Use Keyword Zebra To Find Clients

Whether you are an ad agency, website developer or SEO consultant, Keyword Zebra can help you find potential clients with every search you make on Google. 

Start searching for Business keywords and look for sites that are created within a year. Make a list of such sites and start offering them your services. 

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Top bloggers, SEOs, and affiliate marketers are using KeywordZebra daily to uncover new and low-authority websites that are ranking on Google.
“I've been using Keyword Zebra from past 5 months as a beta tester and it literally changed the way I find link prospects & starter sites. Such a simple tool yet so helpful”
"KeywordZebra is a tool that I never knew I needed. If you you know how to use this tool properly along with Google Suggest and Trends, you don't need any other paid tool for keyword search"
"Keyword Zebra helped me immensely in my work. It allows me to quickly find the right and easy niche for my website, which has resulted in increased productivity."

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